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Design Project, WordPress

The Project

Redesign the her Wix website into a new design that better showcases the work she does in the world of Interior Design. 

The Design Platform...

Hosted WordPress using Thrive Themes.  Initially we began designing Michelle's site in Squarespace for the simplicity it provides. However, the design was just not a fit for Michelle, and we decided WordPress offered the robust design features that created the one-of-a-kind design she was dreaming of. 

The Client

Michelle is an Interior Designer with a background in health and wellness. In all of her designs she is focused on integrating wellness strategies, that support those who will be using the space. Combine that with gorgeous designs and you have someone truly unique. 

What we did... 

  • Custom redesign with focus on using design tools that support her business today and far into the future.
  • Refresh logo slightly to work better with her updated branding.
  • Creating multiple variations of logo to work with all backgrounds in her marketing materials.
  • Created a website favicon to match her logo artwork.
  • Developed and online portfolio that beautifully showcases her design work.
  • Created a customized way to showcase her case studies.
  • Created short videos to showcase her conceptual designs.
  • Onsite SEO strategy to enhance the new design visibility.
  • Weekly support and maintenance for her site.

Updated Branding Details:

Michelle's brother created her original logo which we both loved. It just needed a tiny refresh to work with the new online tools Michelle is using for business. 

We also developed a color palette based on her original logo that is now used on all of her marketing materials. 

What I loved about this project... 

Hands down it was Michelle's focus on health and wellness combined with gorgeous designs. Having a background in the wellness industry I felt like Michelle was a kindred soul. One I absolutely love working with! 

A few words from Michelle... 

Before I hired Teresa to help me with my website, I had designed one on my own. It was … okay… I worked really hard on it, invested a ridiculous amount of time learning the platform, and when I finished it…frankly, I wasn’t really proud of it, it was just something I got to check off my list.

My website sat like that for over a year… I didn’t share it, promote it, it was done if someone asked.

My business coach connected with Teresa and I knew after our first meeting she “got me” … instant trust. The tools she had developed (basically a lot of thought provoking questions) helped me really think about my business and myself. Teresa’s caring and inquisitive personality was motivating. After a few meetings with her I began to realize, this was much more than just designing a website, she was coaching me through envisioning my business graphically.  She not only created a website that is was a true representation of the “real me” … It had an amazing impact on my business overall. We worked on “telling my story” on the website and with my story being fully developed and gleaned, I found myself eager to share it with my clients during our meetings, as well as when I am networking with other people. Who Knew? 

Do yourself and your potential clients a favor, hire Teresa to design your website. I wish I would have found her sooner.

Teresa Schlup with Web Designs by Teresa

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