Loving Your Home Club ~ Designed by Web Designs by Teresa

Design Project Highlight: Loving Your Home Club

Design Project

The Project

A Website Refresh of Crystals do-it-yourself (DIY) Loving Your Home Club Membership Website. 

The Design Platform...

Hosted WordPress with Thrive Themes 

The Client

Organizing Expert, Crystal Nerpel

What we did... 

  • Provided Crystal with the design tools to build her new site 
  • Configured initial template settings to get her started 
  • Redesign of the Home page 
  • Redesign the Members Only Area 
  • Created Tabs to more easily display content for members 
  • Personalized the Welcome Greeting based on member's login information 

What I loved about this project... 

As a Loving Your Home Club member I loved having the chance to love on my fellow club members with the updated design. 

And a just absolutely love everything Crystal does! She has been my inspiration since the 3rd grade and it is because of her in many ways that I am who I am today. 

It's pretty amazing Teresa is able to turn my vision into reality!

I made a really good attempt at building my own membership website. It was functional, but did not have that "wow" factor.

Teresa swooped in and added some streamlined, smart features so my clients feel like they are being Welcomed Home when they log into their site. My members now have a personalized "Welcome Back" message every time they log in.

 I have a lot of information I want to share with my members, and Teresa helps me do that, without cluttering up my membership site. It's pretty amazing Teresa is able to turn my vision into reality!

I never would have thought to add the tabs and categories that she added. On the flipside, she also knows how to declutter a website. My new Loving Your Home Club membership site looks more open and airy than it did before. I told her I feel like I'm on an HGTV show where someone is revealing my new flipped website to me! The before and after made my jaw drop!! 

Crystal Nerpel  //  Organizing Expert 


Before the Website Refresh... 

Updated Website... 

Teresa Schlup with Web Designs by Teresa

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