Design Project Highlight: Mainstay Editorial Services

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The Project

To complete a redesign of her existing website, which was experiencing a lot of bizarre issues. We completed a full rebuild of her site, initially making a copy of the original design, and later creating a whole new fresh look that captures her bright and friendly personality beautifully. 

The Design Platform...

Hosted WordPress using Thrive Themes

The Client

I met Betty through a mutual friend, at a time when we were both in the early stages of business. We had a instant connection and quickly became friends.  She is also my go to Copywriter for everything, and one of my top recommendations to my clients. 

What we did... 

  • Color match initial website color palette 
  • Custom design with beauty and simplicity
  • AWeber e-mail management integration
  • Individual Blog category pages
  • SEO Mini Course Series Collaboration
  • Opt-in Landing page template
  • One-on-one designs training
  • Business Consultations & Mentorship
  • Annual security maintenance package
  • Continual design support

What I loved about this project... 

My first impression of Betty was that of a highly intelligent professional woman. Her knowledge and expertise is extensive, and I have learned so much from her. (Although I still struggle with comma placement!) What I love most is Betty's genuine warmth and a sincere desire to be of service to others. Which is why I count her as a valuable member of my referral team! 

Betty Hilliard of Mainstay Editorial Services

A few words from Betty...

My website is the front door to my service-based company.  Often it is one of the first points of contact with my clients, so it is vital that my site looks professional, is easy to navigate and communicates the integrity of my business. Teresa with Web Designs by Teresa created a site for me does all of that.

I tried to build and maintain my site on my own but quickly became frustrated at the amount of time I was spending on it – time that should have been spent on actual work for my company. Having Teresa redo my site and maintain it has been such a relief. It has given me the freedom to focus on other aspects of my business! 

Teresa’s technical background along with her business knowledge enable her to create beautiful sites that not only look good but are also geared toward your specific, business needs. She has wonderful, creative ideas for your website and offers fantastic suggestions on how to promote your business on social media which ultimately drives more traffic to your site. And, more traffic to your site means more business for you! I highly recommend Teresa. Working with her has been fun and easy, and I’m so thankful to have her overseeing my website.

Betty Hilliard// Mainstay Editorial Services // www.MainstayEdit.com

Teresa Schlup with Web Designs by Teresa

If the time is right to finally get a website that looks professional, reflects everything that your brand stands for, attracts your dream clients, and converts browsers into paying clients - let’s chat.