Design Project Highlight: Positively Powerful Life

Course Delivery, Design Project, Onsite Quiz, WordPress

The Project

Design a website to launch her Coaching business. Ensure we can easily add in additional supporting products, services, and courses as her business grows. 

The Design Platform...

Hosted WordPress using Thrive Themes

The Client

Nicole is a Oola Life Coach with a contagious smile and passion for helping others life their best life. 

Helping others has always been close to Nicole's heart, and after her diagnosis with Fibromyalgia in in 2004 it became even more important. She knew what it was like to live in a fog, with chronic fatigue and not really connected to the world. 

After discovering how to live her best life she made it her mission to help others, and become a certified Life Coach through Oola. 

As she shares on her website, "For so many years, I did not have the energy to dream, and over time, I lost the ability to dream. I had to relearn how to do this. I am so grateful to Oola, because now I am dreaming again. What an amazing feeling!"

What we did... 

  • Customized color palette to create a look and feel that felt good and supportive for Nicole 
  • Custom design with focus on simplicity and style
  • Created an intro video that demonstrated her understanding of the struggle her clients are facing
  • Implemented on online store to see her Jalendar's and Vision Board Workshops
  • Developed a quiz that provides clear direction for her potential clients
  • Created space to showcase her favorite Oola products and support her affiliate partnership with them
  • One-on-one design training
  • Personalized Tutorial Video Library
  • Weekly support and maintenance for her site
  • Designed an online course to be housed in her website, saving her additional fees through 3rd party companies.

What I loved about this project... 

When you hear people talk about their "dream customers" Nicole is it! 

While I met her initially through a client referral, there was just something about Nicole that makes you want to be in her company. We became friends over the course of this project and she later became one of my biggest supporters during my battle with cancer. 

She is now a member of my Mastermind group, and someone I consider to be a dear friend! 

A few words from Nicole...

I have had the pleasure working with Teresa for my website, and it was the BEST decision I have made for my business by far!  She was able to “get me” right away and portray that in my web design.  When I first saw my website, I literally cried because it was so impactful for me.  

So many website developers promise quick fixes for your website but are not really looking out for what is best for your branded business.  They do not look at the long term that is needed in your website design.  I started out needing a pretty standard website, but Teresa took the time to know where I wanted my business to go long term and built my website to accommodate those dreams for my website when I was ready to incorporate them Which, luckily for me, happened within a few weeks to months, not years.  She also made sure that she used the best features that have proven to stand up to the test of time. 

Teresa, is always ready to help me with any of my needs as my business changes and grows.  I highly recommend Teresa for any of your website needs. 

Nicole Schmidt //  Oola Life Coach // Positively Powerful Life // PositivelyPowerfulLife.com

Sneak Peak at her Online Course...

This course was developed to support Nicole's coaching clients through their journey and added 7 months after the launch of her website. To learn more please reach out to her directly at PositivelyPowerfulLife.com/Contact

Teresa Schlup with Web Designs by Teresa

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