Design Project Highlight: Rebuilding Wellness with Sue Ingebretson

Design Project, Onsite Quiz, WordPress

The Project

Redesign a dysfunctional, error filled website. In this major project, I migrated over 500 blog posts (yep, the client has blogged for more than 10 years!) to the new site

The Design Platform...

Hosted WordPress using Thrive Themes.  

The Client

I met Sue through my friend/client Nicole with Positively Powerful Life, and was grateful for the referral.  

I related to Sue’s story of recovery from chronic illness and her path to wellness. While her journey to navigate through health challenges was inspired by very different events than my own, I understood how far she had come. Having a background battling severe clinical depression, I too had learned the power of good food and living well. Learning all about Sue's journey inspired me to continue focusing on living my best life during a time when I needed it most!

What we did... 

  • Update color palette to match Sue's current focus in business
  • Updated logo to refresh her look and match the new color palette created
  • Custom design with focus on fun, inspiration and simplicity
  • Backed up and migrated more than 500 blog posts 
  • Redesign her many opt-in offers that support her clients and followers on their health journey
  • Replaced 3rd party applications including LeadPages incorporating the business tools she needs into her website
  • Developed an online quiz
  • One-on-one design training
  • Personalized Tutorial Video Library
  • Weekly support and maintenance for her site

What I loved about this project... 

Hands down it was Sue's story! This is a woman who spent years feeling broken, with no good medical explanation, who never gave up!

Sue kept pushing, researching and learning until she discovered her own diagnosis. She then took everything she  learned and has been sharing with the world for more than 10 years. 

What is even more amazing to me is the synchronicity of this project. Sue came to me needing a completely new website -- at a time that I was undergoing cancer treatment.

 There were days I wanted to give up, and yet, knowing Sue and all she went through, I knew that I could get through this, too. She kept me going at one of the most critical times in my life, and for that I will be forever grateful. 

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